AI Company Unbabel Set To Open A U.S. Lab

Portuguese Artificial Intelligence company Unbabel is set to open a new research lab in Pittsburgh, PA. The lab will be led by U.S. researcher Alon Lavie.

The new office location in Pennsylvania aims to leverage the relationship between Unbabel and Carnegie Mellon University, where Lavie is a researcher at the Institute of Language Technology.

Lavie is a pioneer in natural language processing algorithms. In addition to his professorship, Lavie was president of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA) and the International Association for Machine Translation, and in the early 90s developed one of the first robust parsers for spoken language analysis which became a key component in the earlier versions of the JANUS speech translation system.

Unbabel is an artificial-intelligence-powered, human translation platform offering (at the moment) translation into 28 languages with several possible pairs, for example, Portuguese-English or English-German, an automated system creates an initial translation which a human translator edits and validates for quality.

Speaking to The Portugal News, Vasco Pedro, Unbabel’s CEO, said, “Lavie left Amazon, where he headed the Machine Translation Group, to create a new artificial intelligence team for Portuguese technology, which offers a machine translation solution with human editors and has Pinterest,, Skyscanner and Weebly among its clients.”

Unbabel has already hired two Research Scientists and a Research Engineer for the new team in Pittsburgh. They are currently recruiting for two full-time additional positions at the new office, one for Senior Research Engineer and another for a Senior Research Scientist. See all available jobs here.

Updated: with a clarification from Unbabel.

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