Cloudflare Discloses Possible Regulatory Violations

Cloudflare, a website security company, providing CDN, DDoS mitigation, and other website infrastructure services, may have violated U.S. regulations, according to a disclosure in a regulatory filing. Cloudflare is in the process of creating an initial public offering, and may go public this week. The company in documents declaring the intention to go public, voluntarily […]


Telegram Fixed A Bug That Left ‘Unsent’ Media Saved On Users Phones

Telegram, a privacy focused messaging app with millions of users, has fixed a bug allowing users to recover media that was ‘unsent’ by other people. Telegram, offers a messaging feature that allows users to “unsend” sent messages that were sent by mistake or otherwise. This removes the message from other people’s inboxes. However while the app was […]

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Google Will Stop Ads For Medical Techniques The Company Deems Unproven

Google announced it will no longer run ads for “unproven or experimental medical techniques”. Google says this is due to “rise in bad actors attempting to take advantage of individuals by offering untested, deceptive treatments.” Google wants to limit the marketing of treatments like stem cell therapy, cellular therapy, and gene therapy, with very little […]

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Database With 419M Facebook Users Phone Numbers Found Online, Unrelated Facebook Is Starting A Dating Service

A database with the phone numbers of more than 419 million Facebook users was found online. The data, found on an unsecured cloud storage instance included phone numbers, Facebook user IDs and incomplete records of the user’s country, name and gender. Facebook may not be singularly responsible. According to TechCrunch the data may have originated from […]


Huawei Accuses The U.S. Government Of Cyber Attacks And Harassing Workers

Huawei is China’s largest technology company, and they are accusing the U.S. government of orchestrating a campaign attacking them. The company says the U.S. government instructed law enforcement agencies to threaten its employees and attempted cyber-attacks aimed at infiltrating its internal network. Tensions between Huawei and the U.S. government are high. The Trump administration labeled Huawei […]


What A Data Breach Of xkcd’s Forum Should Teach Companies Like MoviePass, And Option Way

The popular xkcd webcomic has taken its associated forum offline a after personal information of more than 562,000 members were determined to have been publicly leaked. According to Troy Hunt a security researcher, the breach occurred on July 1 2019. The breach is allegedly the result of flaws in the open-source message board CMS phpBB. […]

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CamScanner App Injecting Malware On Android Devices

CamScanner, the popular PDF creator app, with 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store, has been compromised. Researchers at Kaspersky announced finding a module within the app that acted as a Trojan Dropper. This potentially allows attackers to remotely download and install malicious programs without a users’ knowledge. The discovery of malware by Kaspersky security researchers, […]