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Google And Mayo Clinic Are Partnering To Use AI For Medical Research

On Tuesday, Google announced the beginning of a 10-year partnership with Mayo Clinic leveraging AI tools to help in medical research. Google will open a new office in Rochester, Minnesota, near Mayo Clinic’s headquarters. Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian, wrote in a blog post that the company will help rebuild Mayo Clinic’s digital strategy. A large part of […]

Advertising Healthcare Technology

Google Will Stop Ads For Medical Techniques The Company Deems Unproven

Google announced it will no longer run ads for “unproven or experimental medical techniques”. Google says this is due to “rise in bad actors attempting to take advantage of individuals by offering untested, deceptive treatments.” Google wants to limit the marketing of treatments like stem cell therapy, cellular therapy, and gene therapy, with very little […]

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Massachusetts General Hospital Lost 9,900 Patient Records In Data Breach

It has been a bad month for news of hacks in the healthcare industry. First, we learned of Chinese hacking groups targeting medical data. Now, we find out that Massachusetts General Hospital had 9,900 research patient records stolen. Records of nearly 10,000 research patients on two computers used by Neurology researchers at Mass General were accessed […]

Cybersecurity Healthcare Technology

Chinese Hacking Groups Are After Medical Data

A report entitled, Beyond Compliance: Cyber Threats and Healthcare, published by cybersecurity firm FireEye shows new evidence Chinese linked cyberespionage groups are targeting medical research data. FireEye has identified multiple state-sponsored hacking groups from China launching attacks on medical systems and medical databases around the world. The attacks include incidents within 2019 and dating back as […]