WS-Discovery Misconfiguration Allows DDoS Amplification

Thousands of internet connected devices, including, printers, cameras, DVRs, and other IoT gadgets can be used to amplify DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. These devices are misconfigured to listen for, and respond to WS-Discovery protocol requests. WS-Discovery (WSD) is a communications protocol used to automatically discover internet connected devices inside of networks. Most automated service discovery […]

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Unprotected Servers Expose Millions Of Medical Images According To ProPublica

According to ProPublica, the medical images with health care data of approximately 5 million Americans are freely available to view online if one only knows where to look. ProPublica worked with German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk on this investigation finding not only the American patient files but millions more from around the world. The report says […]

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House Judiciary Committee Probing Big Tech For Emails, Algorithms, And More

It’s not just an indicted Attorney General, and 49 other AG’s after Google. The House Judiciary Committee today sent request for information letters to Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, all part of an anti-competition probe started earlier this year. The U.S. lawmakers are investigating possible antitrust violations by the largest technolagy players in the world. Regulators want […]