Unsecured Database From Dealer Leads Exposed 198M Records

Jeremiah Fowler, a researcher at Security Discovery, made a security discovery found that 198 million records from Dealer Leads were exposed to the public in a non password protected database. The exposed data is comprised of names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, IP addresses and identifiable information, including data purchased from other venders. Fowler says […]


Cloudflare Discloses Possible Regulatory Violations

Cloudflare, a website security company, providing CDN, DDoS mitigation, and other website infrastructure services, may have violated U.S. regulations, according to a disclosure in a regulatory filing. Cloudflare is in the process of creating an initial public offering, and may go public this week. The company in documents declaring the intention to go public, voluntarily […]

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Period Tracking Apps Are Sharing Data With Facebook

On Monday, Privacy International, a U.K.-based advocacy group said that Menstruation tracking apps have been sharing highly sensitive data with Facebook. And that this data has been used for ads targeting. In a blog post, Privacy International said apps including Maya and MIA had shared information with Facebook. The shared information included menstruation cycles, menstruation […]


Telegram Fixed A Bug That Left ‘Unsent’ Media Saved On Users Phones

Telegram, a privacy focused messaging app with millions of users, has fixed a bug allowing users to recover media that was ‘unsent’ by other people. Telegram, offers a messaging feature that allows users to “unsend” sent messages that were sent by mistake or otherwise. This removes the message from other people’s inboxes. However while the app was […]

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Facebook Launches $10M Contest For Deepfake Detection Tool Development

Facebook just announced a partnership with Microsoft and seven universities to launch a Deep Fake Detection Challenge. The contest offers a $10 million prize to spur the development of methods to identify, AI altured videos known as deepfakes.  Artificial intelligence being used to superimpose a person’s face and voice on another individual are sometimes easily spotted. […]

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Database With 419M Facebook Users Phone Numbers Found Online, Unrelated Facebook Is Starting A Dating Service

A database with the phone numbers of more than 419 million Facebook users was found online. The data, found on an unsecured cloud storage instance included phone numbers, Facebook user IDs and incomplete records of the user’s country, name and gender. Facebook may not be singularly responsible. According to TechCrunch the data may have originated from […]