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Facebook Says They Will Shut Down Fake Accounts Form Homeland Security

Facebook is still cracking down on fake accounts, this time the target is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Speaking with the Associated Press on Tuesday Facebook said the department is no different from everyone else and the company will shut down fake accounts, including those belonging to undercover law enforcement, when they are reported. That spokesperson […]

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Google Accused Of Sharing Personal Data With Advertisers Without Users Knowledge

Brave, a privacy-focused web browser, just alleged that Google is using hidden web pages to feed personal data of its users to advertisers. This new evidence of Google’s circumventing EU privacy regulations to collect personal data has been submitted by Brave for an investigation by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission.  In a report by The Financial Times, Johnny Ryan, […]


Huawei Accuses The U.S. Government Of Cyber Attacks And Harassing Workers

Huawei is China’s largest technology company, and they are accusing the U.S. government of orchestrating a campaign attacking them. The company says the U.S. government instructed law enforcement agencies to threaten its employees and attempted cyber-attacks aimed at infiltrating its internal network. Tensions between Huawei and the U.S. government are high. The Trump administration labeled Huawei […]


How Hong Kong Protesters Are Using Off The Grid Messaging To Keep China From Spying

When the broader internet is monitored, peer-to-peer mesh networking apps like Bridgefy and FireChat may be the savior to say connected without government surveillance. At least that is what protestors in Hong Kong are trying. The protestors are increasingly trading in SMS, emails and China’s social network of choice, WeChat, for off-the-grid messaging apps. These apps work without […]


What A Data Breach Of xkcd’s Forum Should Teach Companies Like MoviePass, And Option Way

The popular xkcd webcomic has taken its associated forum offline a after personal information of more than 562,000 members were determined to have been publicly leaked. According to Troy Hunt a security researcher, the breach occurred on July 1 2019. The breach is allegedly the result of flaws in the open-source message board CMS phpBB. […]


China Was Behind An iPhone Hack That Also Targeted Android And Windows

The attack that used websites to hack iPhones with malware is now believed to have originated in China and,to have targeted Android, and Microsoft Windows operating systems as well. The attack, revealed Aug. 30 by Google’s Project Zero was traced back at least two years. Over the weekend TechCrunch broke the story linking China to the hack, quoting sources […]


Using Plugin Vulnerabilities, A Hacker Group Is Creating WordPress Admin Accounts

A group of hackers is using vulnerabilities in over ten WordPress plugins to create admin accounts on WordPress sites. The attacks are an escalation of a hacking campaign that started last month. In the past attacks, the hackers exploited vulnerabilities in these same plugins and planted malicious code on websites. This code would show popup ads […]

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CamScanner App Injecting Malware On Android Devices

CamScanner, the popular PDF creator app, with 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store, has been compromised. Researchers at Kaspersky announced finding a module within the app that acted as a Trojan Dropper. This potentially allows attackers to remotely download and install malicious programs without a users’ knowledge. The discovery of malware by Kaspersky security researchers, […]


Avast Working With French Police Stop A Malware Botnet Impacting 850,000 Devices

French police have neutralized a massive cryptocurrency mining botnet controlling around 850,000 computers. The Retadup malware was used to hijack computers in a process known as Cryptojacking. The malware steals power from the infected computer’s processor and uses it to mine cryptocurrency. In this case, the malware was used to generate money with crypto mining, […]