Here Launched Live Sense SDK To Help Make Driving Safer

Here, a company that develops intelligent mapping and location technologies, announced a new software development kit (SDK) that uses machine learning and AI to turn any front-facing camera into a tool to make driving safer.

Using the beta of Here Live Sense SDK uses AI and machine learning to offer real-time road safety insights. The goal is to help drivers make more informed split-second decisions about upcoming obstacles and driving conditions.

Most systems use specialized cameras along with ultrasound and radar. By leveraging AI and ML, Here Live Sense boasts being able to turn any front-facing camera, including a dashcam and even smartphones, into highly intelligent vehicle sensors.

The company says that based on what the camera detects ahead, the Here Live Sense SDK will use audio and visual notifications to alert drivers. The SDK will also be able to detect differences between reality and the GPS, for example to keep drivers informed of speed limit changes.

All of this can be done without the need of cloud-based processing that requires connectivity to a network.

“Driver safety is paramount in everything we do,” said Angel Mendez, Here’s COO, adding that “Today there are still millions of commercial and passenger cars on the roads without the necessary technology to keep drivers informed about potential hazards. The Here Live Sense SDK will help to change that.”

From companies announcement, “As an SDK, these models can be implemented into an application or hardware device, providing customers with AI capabilities. The HERE Live Sense SDK has been created to benefit all drivers and is available for automotive & HW OEMs, fleet and ride hail operators and app developers. It is now available in beta for Android and will soon be available for iOS. In addition, HERE is already working with customers on the first commercial implementations of the SDK.”

Header Image: “Driving Car” by emilyrobinson4 

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