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YouTube Is Changing And Gurus Are Taking Over

This week, YouTube announced an updated harassment policy aimed to punish YouTubers for going “too far.” After the announcement, swarms of creators and fans shared concerns that the vague definition of “harassment” would harm the site’s community.   From the statement on the YouTube blog, “We’ve always removed videos that explicitly threaten someone, reveal confidential personal information, or […]

AI Healthcare Technology

VIDA Diagnostics Gains Distribution With EnvoyAI To Make AI Lung Imaging More Widely Available

VIDA Diagnostics announced today they will have distribution with TeraRecon’s EnvoyAI, the largest medical imaging artificial intelligence marketplace. This means that VIDA’s LungPrint AI which analyzes lung imaging to aid in detection, evaluation, and treatment of lung diseases will be available to many more physicians and radiologists. We are seeing AI use increasingly in medical […]