Remote Meetings Are Here To Stay Hopefully

In February 2020, the world seemed to shut down, and it’s reopened and re shut down several times since. With nearly two years of only intermittent access to the real world, it’s not surprising that everything from escape rooms to medical care moved online. 

Almost every work-related meeting having moved to the internet is mainly viewed as a good thing by workers. Obviously, those who make money from commercial real estate are doing everything they can to claim the best employees will want to return to the office. However untrue that may be.

Some workers may really enjoy offices, but distributed teams like the one behind WordPress prove offices aren’t needed for successful companies or engaged employees. What is viewed as the best experience will vary from person to person. I have no idea if office workers will mostly head back to the office or not. But the only efficient meetings I’ve had in my life have been virtual, and bad meetings are bad for employees.

As MIT Sloan Management Review wrote “Poorly run meetings have a tremendously negative impact on team success, innovation, creativity, and on individuals’ well-being and stress. In fact, experiencing a poor meeting can even result in meeting recovery syndrome, where employees lose additional time and productivity mentally recovering from a bad meeting.”

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MIT SMR, may disagree, but remotely logging onto an hour-long video call with an agenda is flatly better than run on chit-chat in an office conference room with some sad bagels. Even if we’re just sitting at our desks, logging into Zoom, that’s better than the old in person cooperate meeting by miles.

We can all hope that will all the bad that happened over the pandemic, that we at least get fewer, less depressing meetings.

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