Report: Google Complying With New Russian Censorship Law

Via The Intercept “The internal email, obtained by The Intercept, was sent by management at a firm that translates corporate texts and app interfaces for Google and other clients.

The email passed along instructions from Google with the new wording. The instructions also noted that the word “war” should continue to be used in other markets and that the policy change was intended to keep Google in compliance with a Russian censorship law enacted just after the invasion of Ukraine.”

It’s unclear what is morally right for Google to do in this situation given the criminal penalties of up to 15 years in prison for disseminating false information about the Russian military. But it shows how very important the First Amendment is in the U.S. I now think back to all the times people wanted the U.S. government to remove false information about Covid-19, and must again say, we don’t want bureaucrats deciding what is true or false.

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