Tech Tea, Top Headlines 11/02/2020: Apple Silicon Macs?

Apple Silicon Macs Expected to Debut at a November 10 Event

Today Apple announced the third event for the fall of 2020, set for Tuesday, Nov. 10th. Much like the September and October events, this event will be digital-only. As Apple has already announced new tablet and mobile products this year. The upcoming event is expected to be Mac-centric, and is likely to introduce the first Apple Silicon-based Mac.

Spotify To Test A Service Allowing Artists To Promote Tracks In Users’ Recommendations

Spotify’s going to test a service allowing artists and labels to influence some of what is algorithmically promoted to users. The company announced the new test where all artists and labels on the platform can decide to promote songs in user recommendations. In exchange artists will accepts a lower royalty fee, Spotify calls a “promotional recording royalty rate”.

Verizon Newsroom Will Start Using Blockchain

Verizon unveiled “a blockchain-based, open-source newsroom product designed to raise the bar for corporate accountability,”. The blockchain-based, open-source newsroom will use distributed ledger technology, and is meant to document the company’s news releases on a public blockchain, that is tamper proof. It’s been 12 years since blockchain started, and the technology has proved less than useful, however Verizon may have found a reasonable use case…

G Suite Has A New Name

Google Apps, I mean Google For Work, I mean G Suite has rebranded again. G Suite is changing its name to Google Workspace. They are adding a few new tools, but nothing truly notable. What is more interesting is just how often tech companies rebrand, even when the rebrand is likely pointless.

Your Problem Is Not With Section 230, But The 1st Amendment

This isn’t news but given how much misinformation is flowing around section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and free speech in general I’m including this great essay from Tech Dirt.