Tech Tea, Top Headlines 12/07/2020: Uber Sells Its Self-driving Unit To Aurora

Uber Sells Its Self-driving Unit To Aurora

“Uber’s self-driving unit, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), is being acquired by its start-up competitor Aurora Innovation, the companies announced Monday. The deal, expected to close in the first quarter of 2021, values ATG at approximately $4 billion. The unit was valued at $7.25 billion in Apr. 2019 when Softbank, Denso and Toyota took a stake.”

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Allegedly Assassinated Via Killer Robot

“A top nuclear scientist with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), a branch of Iran’s military services, was assassinated on 27 November in what the Iranian government is calling an assassination via AI-powered machine gun.”

A Troubling New Syndrome Is Affecting People Even After They Survive COVID-19

“Recently, doctors have started to identify POTS as a syndrome capable of affecting people long after they seemingly recover from their initial coronavirus infection. POTS stands for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and can manifest with a variety of symptoms, including severe chronic fatigue, nausea, and abdominal pain.”

Georgia Court Streams Ridiculous ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit Hearing On YouTube; Then Tells People They Can’t Repost Recordings

“We have lots of concerns about court transparency, and how more transparent court systems would be nice. One of the more interesting consequences of the pandemic, in which many court hearings are now done virtually, is that courts have been much more open to allowing more realtime access to these court hearings. In one of the more high profile (and more ridiculous, if that’s possible) lawsuits challenging the election results”

Hacker Opens 2,732 PickPoint Package Lockers Across Moscow

“The attack, which took place on Friday afternoon, December 4, targeted the network of PickPoint, a local delivery service that maintains a network of more than 8,000 package lockers across Moscow and Saint Petersburg.”

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