Today Forward YouTube Will Remove Videos Alleging Fraud Changed The Outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election

In a statement YouTube said, starting today it will remove content uploaded to its platform containing allegations that fraud or widespread errors altered the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The video platform said content “that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome” of the election will be removed. The update applies to content uploaded on or after 12/09/2020, with a few exceptions, that one would logically expect.

The company said, “As always, news coverage and commentary on these issues can remain on our site if there’s sufficient education, documentary, scientific or artistic context,” 

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Giving an example of content that will be banned from hereon out, YouTube said it will take down videos claiming a presidential candidate won the election as a result of widespread software glitches or errors in vote counting.

YouTube is taking these actions today forward, because Yesterday “was the safe harbor deadline for the U.S. Presidential election” with enough states having now certified their election results to safely determine the President-elect.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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