VIDA Diagnostics Gains Distribution With EnvoyAI To Make AI Lung Imaging More Widely Available

VIDA Diagnostics announced today they will have distribution with TeraRecon’s EnvoyAI, the largest medical imaging artificial intelligence marketplace. This means that VIDA’s LungPrint AI which analyzes lung imaging to aid in detection, evaluation, and treatment of lung diseases will be available to many more physicians and radiologists.

We are seeing AI use increasingly in medical imaging. The FDA recently cleared Critical Care Suite an AI-powered mobile X-ray device by GE Healthcare to speed up the detection of collapsed lungs.

VIDA Diagnostics says LungPrint offers fully automatic radiological metrics by quantifying characteristics of lungs in a chest CT scan. The company believes this will help detect COPD and other interstitial lung disease earlier, even before debilitating symptoms occur. According to a 2016 study by the European Respiratory Journal early detection of chronic lung disease elongates life expectancies and reduces overall healthcare costs.

Susan A. Wood CEO of VIDA said in a statement, “VIDA and TeraRecon have a shared goal of equipping care teams with cutting-edge, clinically validated AI solutions,” And that “We are excited to be partnering with TeraRecon; their AI platform elegantly integrates novel AI solutions like ours into the radiology workflow, which is a critical requirement in driving broad AI adoption in healthcare.”

Header Image: VIDA Diagnostics

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