What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder

Since people are asking what the blue star on tinder means, we’re answering. Tinder has two features that use a blue star. Super Likes and Verified Profiles. We’re using Tinder’s official press images to illustrate, so we don’t out anyone’s matches.

What Is The Tinder Blue Star: Super Like

On Tinder you can only message someone if you match with them. From the start on Tinder when you’d see a profile, you had the option to swipe left, to pass on them or to swipe right in the hopes they would do the same, thus matching with you. In 2015, Tinder gave the option to Super Like, by swiping up, or pressing the blue star icon.

Super likes are not an automatic match, but for the person you Super Liked your profile appears with a bright blue footer and star icon. They will also see a star icon next to your name in their matches. According to Tinder, “members are three times more likely to match with someone they Super Like and conversations initiated by a Super Like last 70% longer.”

All Tinder members can send one free Super Like each day. Tinder Plus subscribers can send up to five Super Likes each day.

The Other Tinder Blue Star Tinder: Verified Profiles Via Photo Verification

Much like Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks Tinder offers a blue star like check next to profiles that have taken some steps to verify themselves. The blue badge is given out to all users world wide who participate in Photo Verification since 2021.

Photo Verification allows users to self-authenticate through a series of real-time posed selfies, which are compared to existing profile photos using human-assisted AI technology. Successfully verified profiles display a blue checkmark.

All Images: www.tinderpressroom.com

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