Tech Tea – Tech Related Stories That Matters: 7/12/22

As Elon Musk Walks, Twitter Workers Say No One’s in Charge

They are far from alone in this view. “There’s no strong leadership at the moment,” says a second current Twitter staffer, also speaking anonymously. “The entire company is running on autopilot.” A third, who is set to leave the company, is equally exasperated. “I expect it is going to be a mess,” they say. “I’d like to see someone hold Elon’s feet to the fire because I think it sets a risky precedent to allow him to meddle so much, drive down the stock, then pull out.”

TikTok ‘pauses’ privacy policy switch in Europe after regulatory scrutiny

TikTok has agreed to pause a controversial privacy policy update in Europe, which had been due to happen tomorrow, and would have meant the platform stopped asking users for their consent to be tracked to receive targeted advertising, TechCrunch has learned.

Examining Entrepreneurial Addiction (To The Ghost Of A Friend)

Heroin was his favorite thing. For him staying clean meant not having his favorite thing. His is the only reaction I’ve ever seen that comes close to how you react when your air castle’s existence is questioned. Your air castle is a future business success. You want that feeling of hope more than you want to see that dream come true.

AI goes multilingual with Hugging Face’s BLOOM

That’s now going to change, thanks in part to the launch of BLOOM (which is an acronym for BigScience Large Open-science Open-access Multilingual Language Model). BLOOM got its start in 2021, with development led by machine learning startup Hugging Face, which raised $100 million in May. 

Twitter Sues Indian Government Over Orders To Block Content

Indian citizens may have greater access to the internet and social media services, but the government wants to control how they’re used and the narratives citizens have access to. It has enacted a number of laws designed to give the government a say in what can be said. Many of these new rules target social media services operated by foreign companies, subjecting them to escalating content removal orders that must be complied with almost immediately.

Amazon, research center partner on cancer vaccine

According to a filing with the National Institutes of Health, Fred Hutch is testing a “personalized” vaccine for patients with late-stage melanoma skin cancer and certain breast cancers that have spread throughout the body or are not responding to other treatment.

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