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Facebook and Pinterest Celebrated World Mental Health Day with Stories, Stickers, Pins and Program Announcements

In honor of the 27th annual World Mental Health Day Facebook and Pinterest want you to know they are striving to make positive impacts on the mental health of platform users who may be struggling with depression or suicidal ideations. Unlike many of the newly dreamt up ever-increasing list of random “I’ve-never-seen-that-on-a-calendar-before” days (National Pancake […]

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Facebook Says Politicians Can Break The Platforms Rules

This week Facebook announced it will allow politicians to violate the companies policies. Nick Clegg, Facebook’s VP of Global Affairs and Communications, confirms the company will not fact check politicians’ speech or block their content if it’s newsworthy; Even when that content violates the companies policies. This was confirmed as part of the company’s plans […]

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Facebook Suspended ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Apps

Facebook, who recently came under fire for collecting data from period tracking apps, has suspended “tens of thousands” of apps after a privacy investigation into app developers. Facebook says the suspended apps are associated with about 400 developers. Stressing that these apps being suspended wasn’t necessarily a sign the apps were a threat to users. […]

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YouTube Rewinds Its Verification Changes, Letting Verified Creators Stay Verified

After getting roasted widely since yesterday’s announcement that the platform would be removing verification from a lot of creators. YouTube announced one day later that it won’t be de-verifying currently verified creators. “We heard loud and clear how much the badge means to you […] Channels that already have the verification badge will now keep it […]

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Twitter Removes 10,112 State-backed Actors Spreading Propaganda

Twitter says it suspended another batch of state-sponsored actors for disseminating misinformation on the platform. Today the company’s safety team announced the removal of 10,112 accounts across several countries; China / Hong Kong, Ecuador, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. These accounts were actively encouraging unrest by spreading misinformation in sensitive climates. Twitter […]

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YouTube Changes Rules For Verification, Drawing Backlash From Creators

YouTube is overhauling its system for user verification. The company says these policy changes, set to start next month, will stop using subscription numbers to determine verification. YouTube will instead verify “prominent channels that have a clear need for proof of authenticity.” “Through our research, we found that viewers often associated the checkmark with an endorsement […]

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Facebook Is Starting Its Own “Supreme Court” For Content Moderation Appeals

Facebook released details of its plan for a “Supreme Court”, a board that can overturn the company’s own decisions for content moderation. The 11 to 40 person oversight board will review appeals of the company’s policy decisions, including content takedowns and make recommendations for changes. According to Facebook the board will eventually have 40 members […]

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YouTube Changes Opening Day Music Chart Rankings to Exclude Advertising Views

YouTube has become a cultural measure of a songs popularity. It’s something fans, artists and labels all point to as a sign of success. Yesterday, the company made changes to the YouTube Music Charts, including how videos make it to the top of 24-hour debuts. YouTube Music Charts will no longer count paid advertising views towards the […]