Google has spent years making user signaling a factor in search ranking. Each update of the search engine’s algorithm, starting with using links (bibliometrics) as a signal in the first version of Google, has made human behavior a ranking factor. Now, speed and interaction with the search results are becomingContinue Reading

 Artificial Intelligence firm, Course5 Intelligence just announced the launch of a new AI Labs in Toronto, Canada. With an existing facility in Bangalore, India, this will be Course5’s second R&D lab focusing on AI. The company focus on the development of so-called “Narrow AI”. Most (if not all) AI systems that existContinue Reading

VIDA Diagnostics announced today they will have distribution with TeraRecon’s EnvoyAI, the largest medical imaging artificial intelligence marketplace. This means that VIDA’s LungPrint AI which analyzes lung imaging to aid in detection, evaluation, and treatment of lung diseases will be available to many more physicians and radiologists. We are seeingContinue Reading

Diveplane is a startup attempting to fix the privacy issues associated with data used for artificial intelligence training. The company this week launched what it says is the industry’s “first verifiable twin dataset.” The product called GEMINAI, is supposed to help organizations analyze sensitive datasets without risking the information being compromised.Continue Reading