Today the cybersecurity firm FireEye disclosed that they were the victim of a sophisticated hack. The hackers accessed FireEye’s internal network and seem to have stolen hacking tools FireEye uses to text client’s networks. In a disclosure published on the FireEye website, CEO Kevin Mandia said a “highly sophisticated threat actor”Continue Reading

Microsoft said yesterday it detected at least seven attacks on companies developing COVID-19 vaccines or treatments. The company said these attacks involved three nation-state actors; a Russian group known as “Fancy Bear” (Microsoft calls them Strontium) and North Korean groups called “Zinc” (known as the Lazarus Group) and “Cerium”. Microsoft saidContinue Reading

ESET researchers stumbled upon a new malware they say is designed to target diplomatic and government entities. The researchers say it has been utilized in attacks targeting Russian-speakers for at least 7 years. The malware the researchers named “Attor” offers the unusual capabilities of GSM fingerprinting mobile devices via the ATContinue Reading