The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Israeli Ministry of Finance have announced a new partnership to combat ransomware. The joint task force announced on Sunday will include a “memorandum of understanding” for sharing information about the financial sector, as well as cybersecurity regulations and other threat intelligence. “HarnessingContinue Reading

Today the cybersecurity firm FireEye disclosed that they were the victim of a sophisticated hack. The hackers accessed FireEye’s internal network and seem to have stolen hacking tools FireEye uses to text client’s networks. In a disclosure published on the FireEye website, CEO Kevin Mandia said a “highly sophisticated threat actor”Continue Reading

Microsoft said yesterday it detected at least seven attacks on companies developing COVID-19 vaccines or treatments. The company said these attacks involved three nation-state actors; a Russian group known as “Fancy Bear” (Microsoft calls them Strontium) and North Korean groups called “Zinc” (known as the Lazarus Group) and “Cerium”. Microsoft saidContinue Reading