After getting roasted widely since yesterday’s announcement that the platform would be removing verification from a lot of creators. YouTube announced one day later that it won’t be de-verifying currently verified creators. “We heard loud and clear how much the badge means to you […] Channels that already have the verificationContinue Reading

YouTube is overhauling its system for user verification. The company says these policy changes, set to start next month, will stop using subscription numbers to determine verification. YouTube will instead verify “prominent channels that have a clear need for proof of authenticity.” “Through our research, we found that viewers often associatedContinue Reading

In the U.S. Roku TV is found on over a third of smart TVs. Now the company is bringing its smart TV operating system licensing to European markets. The company made the announcement at IFA Berlin. Roku says it will now allow manufacturers in Europe to license its TV designs andContinue Reading