Course5 Intelligence Announces New AI Lab In Toronto, Canada

 Artificial Intelligence firm, Course5 Intelligence just announced the launch of a new AI Labs in Toronto, Canada. With an existing facility in Bangalore, India, this will be Course5’s second R&D lab focusing on AI.

The company focus on the development of so-called “Narrow AI”. Most (if not all) AI systems that exist from medical image recognition to self-driving are currently be classified as “artificial narrow intelligence” as opposed to “artificial general intelligence.”However, a lot of the buzz and research in AI centers around building a broadly intelligent human-like AI.   

Course5 hopes to partner with the regional start-up community and area universities. As of now, the company is hiring for several positions at the forthcoming Toronto center. The company is looking for AI scientists with advanced expertise in the areas of computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing. 

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With Course5’s new AI Lab in Toronto, they aim to create a broad base of narrow AI capabilities to boost the creation of future rpoducts. In a statement, Ashwin Mittal, CEO of Course5 Intelligence, said: “Setting up a pure AI innovation unit was fundamental to creating some of the world-class products we have today. We want to ensure we have access to the best global talent as the work we are doing is on the cutting edge. We have found the ecosystem in Toronto to be very favorable with the best possible AI talent pool.”

Header Image: Course5

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