Today the cybersecurity firm FireEye disclosed that they were the victim of a sophisticated hack. The hackers accessed FireEye’s internal network and seem to have stolen hacking tools FireEye uses to text client’s networks. In a disclosure published on the FireEye website, CEO Kevin Mandia said a “highly sophisticated threat actor”Continue Reading

DeepMind’s Improved Protein-Folding Prediction AI Could Accelerate Drug Discovery “DeepMind now asserts that AlphaFold has outgunned competing protein-folding-predicting methods for a second time. In the results from the 14th CASP assessment, a newer version of AlphaFold — AlphaFold 2 — has average error comparable to the width of an atomContinue Reading

Google Webmasters is re-branding to Google Search Central. That’s it, that’s the news. Google explains the change in a blog post, saying that the term “webmaster” is not widely used. “A user experience study we ran revealed that very few web professionals identify themselves as webmasters anymore. They’re more likelyContinue Reading