Digital Identity Sales Rise On Newly Popular ‘Wark Web’ Market

The dark web a part of the internet accessible via special software, like tore, where people often buy and sell illicit products and services. A report from threat intelligence company IntSights Inc. details the rise of a “dark web” forum specializing in selling digital identities the market offers stolen “digital fingerprints” of a user’s web browsing history.

Richlogs a site on the dark web is described as a competitor to current black market leader Genesis. Richlogs is said to have climbed the ranks of top dark sites collecting and selling stolen digital fingerprints. A digital fingerprint, sometimes called a browser fingerprint, is a collection of data from a user’s web browser and computer used for identification of a particular user.

These fingerprints can partially identify individual users or even fully in some cases. Companies like Amazon, PayPal, Facebook. and various others use digital fingerprints to identify users. In the wrong hands, however, these allow attackers to access accounts they shouldn’t be able to, by circumventing many advanced identity protection security procedures.

“Digital identities offer threat actors the ability to almost completely take over someone’s online browsing identity. This includes everything from accessing expenses to tracking daily travel routes, to seeing tax information,”

Ariel Ainhoren, head of research at IntSights.

Richlogs launched in April with a pitch that it was “developed to enable you to find premium quality logs to satisfy your needs.” The logs offered by the site claim to come with a full fingerprint including cookie and browsing history in each log. The price of each log starts disturbingly at $1 with a list of premium choices, including access to cryptocurrency wallets, bank accounts, and gaming accounts. Richlogs takes payment with Bitcoin or Monero.

A site like Richlogs combines with existing data breaches like the recent one from MoviePass make it more important than ever to be cautious online and vigilant when reviewing your finances.

Header Image by Chris Isherwood

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