AI by Fujitsu will Help Judges At Gymnastics World Championships

An AI will help judges of the International Gymnastics Federation tournament taking place in Germany. Fujitsu has developed an AI that works in conjunction with an array of 3D sensors to capture the gymnast’s movement, analysing and scoring their performance. The technology called the Judging Support will be used at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, to assist judges with their scoring of gymnastic performances.

According to Fujitsu, the technology creates a 3D digital view of the performed movements, with a number of selections for angle measurements, all of which are designed to help judges make decisions. This sounds not dissimilar from early motion capture technolagy used in films like The Phantom Menace. The company says the system will be officially used as an additional tool for judges to confirm difficulty scores.

by Fujitsu

In a statement Fujitsu Executive Vice President Hiroyuki Sakai said, “We are pleased that our judging support system will be officially implemented at the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart. Through this opportunity, the FIG and Fujitsu will continue to create value for Gymnastics, further accelerating our co-creation activities to develop the discipline and promote the global sports business.”

The company and FIG say they see potential for the technology developed outside of judging, as a tool for coaching and training. Saying this data might help to correct posture, and thus help lower the risk of injuries.

It may be intresting to see this technolagy as it grows. Many sports like weightlifting, dance, martial arts, and even running have possible consequences in the form of injury from bad form.

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