Yahoo Will Delete All Content to Yahoo Groups In December

Yahoo announced this week it will sunset its Yahoo Groups platform. The announcement post says that on October 21, users will no longer be able to post new content on the site, and on December 14 all content will be permanently deleted.

Yahoo Groups has been around since 2001, and has largely been abandoned in favor of other platforms. Yahoo Groups worked as a sort of hybrid of mailing lists and bulletin board forums. With users able to post by replying to an email or on the Yahoo Groups website.

The Yahoo announcement says users will still be able to interact with their Groups via email and that the site will still (sort of) exist. The change means all public groups will be turned private, and will require administrator approval to join. Admins will have access to some limited settings for the group, and most features including the archives of messages, images and links will disappear.

Over the last 18 years a lot of communities called the platform home, even if many are now inactive. With the site’s planned Old Yellering, many people will no doubt be looking for ways to archive their Groups history.

Yahoo says that users have the option to download their own data from the site’s privacy tab. And Reddit users are sharing links to scraping tools.

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