Google Mostly Fails Google’s Mobile Page Speed Test

After my old website (domain name really) was lost, and turned into a health blog I started looking for new solutions for a personal home page. And while I could turn this into a discussion about backing things up if you want to get them back, that’s old hat at this point. Yeah, I lost my personal blog posts, but you lot don’t care.

What is interesting is that when I tossed up a website temporarily on Google Sites, I discovered that Google Sites, the product made by Google scores low on PageSpeed Insights, a tool made by Google to make the mobile web better.

This is a Google Site, with a single small image, and many technical problems that make it load more slowly than it should. You can view the Lighthouse Treemap here. Google’s own third party code, like fonts, and Google’s CDN creates lots of bloat.

Speaking of Google’s CDN, Google’s web hosting product, scores a blistering 21 on Page Speed Insights., scores a 66, not incredible, but also better than both my Google site with a single image, and Google’s own hosting company website.

Page speed is important for both user experience and SEO, or so Google keeps saying. But Google isn’t leading by example, at least not that I can tell.

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