Tech Tea, Top Headlines 11/30/2020: DeepMind’s AI Could Accelerate Drug Discovery

DeepMind’s Improved Protein-Folding Prediction AI Could Accelerate Drug Discovery

“DeepMind now asserts that AlphaFold has outgunned competing protein-folding-predicting methods for a second time. In the results from the 14th CASP assessment, a newer version of AlphaFold — AlphaFold 2 — has average error comparable to the width of an atom (or 0.1 of a nanometer), competitive with the results from experimental methods.”

How Hackers Could Trick Unwitting Scientists Into Producing Dangerous Genes

“In a new letter to the editor pulled from the prestigious scientific journal Nature, a team of Israeli researchers pose a frankly wild-sounding question: could a computer hack result in a scientist being swindled into creating a piece of genetic code that’s harmful—or potentially toxic—rather than helpful?”

Credit Card Skimmer Fills Fake PayPal Forms With Stolen Order Info

“A newly discovered credit card skimmer uses an innovative technique to inject highly convincing PayPal iframes and hijack the checkout process on compromised online stores.”

Ajit Pai, Easily The Most Controversial FCC Boss In History, Will Step Down January 20

“While many GOP members continue to happily undermine democracy by fueling Trump’s baseless electoral fraud claims, FCC boss Ajit Pai won’t be coming along for the ride. In a statement, Pai confirmed that, as is custom, he’ll be stepping down as agency head on January 20 as the Biden administration takes over. Historically, the party that controls the White House controls both a 3-2 commissioner majority, and the top spot at the agency.”

Facebook Acquires Customer Service CRM Platform Kustomer

“Facebook has reached an agreement to acquire the customer service-focused CRM company Kustomer which enables businesses to manage customer conversations across multiple services using one dashboard.”

ServiceNow Is Acquiring Element AI, The Canadian Startup Building AI Services For Enterprises

“gtServiceNow, the cloud-based IT services company, is making a significant acquisition today to fill out its longer-term strategy to be a big player in the worlds of automation and artificial intelligence for enterprises. It is acquiring Element AI, a startup out of Canada.”

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