Portuguese Artificial Intelligence company Unbabel is set to open a new research lab in Pittsburgh, PA. The lab will be led by U.S. researcher Alon Lavie. The new office location in Pennsylvania aims to leverage the relationship between Unbabel and Carnegie Mellon University, where Lavie is a researcher at theContinue Reading

Thursday, Google announced it had conducted a study, concluding that blocking cookies “materially reduces” revenue for publishers. In the report, Google analyzed a sampling of traffic on the 500 largest Google Ad publishers over the last three months. In summary; according to Google, the Google conducted study, of Google’s adContinue Reading

Players of Fortnite, the world’s most popular computer game, have been targeted by ransomware. Cybersecurity firm Cyren has discovered that the free game hack called”Syrk” pretending to allow players to aim more accurately when playing the game, is actually ransomware. Syrk seems to be built off an open-source form of ransomware knownContinue Reading

Bad news for tens of thousands of customers using movie ticketing service MoviePass. Many may have had their credit card details stolen as an unsecured database visible online containing 161 million records was discovered. This discovery, reported Tuesday by TechCrunch, involved a live database that contained customer details and transaction information. OfContinue Reading