Researchers from Facebook and MIT are collaborating on an artificial intelligence assistant for the online video game “Minecraft”. The goal is to create an AI system that can perform a wide variety of tasks, rather than being “superhuman” at a narrow set of activities. Basically, what’s known as artificial generalContinue Reading

Huawei Technologies received another 90-day stay of execution exempting the manufacturer from some U.S. technology sanctions. However, the latest smartphone releases from Huawei may not come with the licensed version of Google’s Android operating system. Reuters quotes executives at Google explaining that this reprieve will not extend to any new devices. Therefore HuaweiContinue Reading

Today Apple said it will overhaul its practice of listening in to Siri conversations, so as to provide users with “greater privacy”. This change comes after a July 2019 report by The Guardian revealing that contractors regularly heard sensitive information while listening to Siri conversations.  Until recently the computing giantContinue Reading