Bloomberg reports that YouTube executives are finalizing plans to end “targeted” advertisements on videos kids are likely to watch. This is widely believed to be the result of a Federal Trade Commission investigation into whether YouTube breached the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA). Reportedly the FTC reached a settlement with YouTube, butContinue Reading

Waymo, the self-driving car subsidiary of Alphabet hopes to advance the state of artificial intelligence by providing researchers with new data for their projects. Today Waymo released a massive repository of sensory information collected during the testing of its autonomous vehicles. The data set includes 1,000 video segments recorded under aContinue Reading

Bad news for tens of thousands of customers using movie ticketing service MoviePass. Many may have had their credit card details stolen as an unsecured database visible online containing 161 million records was discovered. This discovery, reported Tuesday by TechCrunch, involved a live database that contained customer details and transaction information. OfContinue Reading

So, you think every other call you receive is from a robocaller concerned about your insurance, credit cards, or mortgage rates? While it may seem that way, its not quite that bad and it seems it is getting better. Robocalls are on the decline in the United States and accordingContinue Reading