Cybersecurity Healthcare Technology

Massachusetts General Hospital Lost 9,900 Patient Records In Data Breach

It has been a bad month for news of hacks in the healthcare industry. First, we learned of Chinese hacking groups targeting medical data. Now, we find out that Massachusetts General Hospital had 9,900 research patient records stolen. Records of nearly 10,000 research patients on two computers used by Neurology researchers at Mass General were accessed […]

Cybersecurity Social Media

A New Phishing Scam On Instagram Uses 2FA As Bait

Security researchers from Sophos Group reported a phishing scam attempting to trick users of Instagram with fake two-factor authentication messages. The messages, claiming that someone has tried to access a user’s Instagram account, appear deceptively close to official Instagram messages. “Apart from a few punctuation errors and the missing space before the word ‘Please’, this message […]

Cybersecurity Healthcare Technology

Chinese Hacking Groups Are After Medical Data

A report entitled, Beyond Compliance: Cyber Threats and Healthcare, published by cybersecurity firm FireEye shows new evidence Chinese linked cyberespionage groups are targeting medical research data. FireEye has identified multiple state-sponsored hacking groups from China launching attacks on medical systems and medical databases around the world. The attacks include incidents within 2019 and dating back as […]


Municipal Governments In Texas Struggle After Ransomware Attack

Last week 22 local governments in Texas were hit with a crippling coordinated ransomware attack. Now many municipalities are still struggling to restore services, highlighting how vulnerable government bodies are to cyber-attacks. Currently, the Texas Department of Information Resources, the Texas Military Department, and the Texas A&M University System’s Cyberresponse and Security Operations Center teams […]

Advertising Cybersecurity

Google Is Asking Ad Industry To Develop Privacy Standards Based On User Expectations

On Thursday Google engineers released their vision for the company to bring privacy standards that are more in line with consumer expectations. The new approach, dubbed Privacy Sandbox, hopes to ensure that ads remain relevant for users who are willing to share their data with websites and advertisers. “Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve […]


Contractors For Microsoft Claim To Have Listened To Xbox Audio Recordings

Microsoft is finding itself in hot water again after contractors for the company claim they listened to voice recordings of Xbox One users in their homes. According to an article published by Motherboard Wednesday, several contractors say they have listened to audio recordings from the XBox One. The practice goes back to when Xbox One could be controlled […]


Digital Identity Sales Rise On Newly Popular ‘Wark Web’ Market

The dark web a part of the internet accessible via special software, like tore, where people often buy and sell illicit products and services. A report from threat intelligence company IntSights Inc. details the rise of a “dark web” forum specializing in selling digital identities the market offers stolen “digital fingerprints” of a user’s web browsing history. […]


MoviePass Exposed Thousands of Customers Credit Cards

Bad news for tens of thousands of customers using movie ticketing service MoviePass. Many may have had their credit card details stolen as an unsecured database visible online containing 161 million records was discovered. This discovery, reported Tuesday by TechCrunch, involved a live database that contained customer details and transaction information. Of a sampling of 1,000 records […]