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Facebook Launches $10M Contest For Deepfake Detection Tool Development

Facebook just announced a partnership with Microsoft and seven universities to launch a Deep Fake Detection Challenge. The contest offers a $10 million prize to spur the development of methods to identify, AI altured videos known as deepfakes.  Artificial intelligence being used to superimpose a person’s face and voice on another individual are sometimes easily spotted. […]


Google Open-Sources A Machine Learning Framework For Graphical Data

Google launched Neural Structured Learning, an open source framework that uses Neural Graph Learning method to train neural networks with graphs and structured data. Most of the file AI models process are unstructured data like videos and images. But other kinds of files can be used for machine learning projects. Tables of structured information are useful in training newly-built […]

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YouTube’s AI Has Removed A Lot Of Content For Hate Speech, But It May Be The Wrong Content They Are Removing

In a blog post, YouTube says it has removed over 100,000 videos and more than 17,000 channels from April to June for violating its new hate speech rules. This is five times more than YouTube removed in the previous three months. The company also took down over 500 million comments for hate speech. YouTube attributed […]

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Apologizing For Human Reviews Of Siri Conversations, Apple Makes Its Surveillance Program Opt-in

Today Apple said it will overhaul its practice of listening in to Siri conversations, so as to provide users with “greater privacy”. This change comes after a July 2019 report by The Guardian revealing that contractors regularly heard sensitive information while listening to Siri conversations.  Until recently the computing giant used a team of contractors […]

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Ex-Autonomous Vehicle Engineer For Google And Uber Charged By The U.S. DoJ

The U.S. DoJ confirmed a criminal indictment against Anthony Levandowski, a former Google engineer. At a press conference in San Jose the DoJ announced a total of 33 charges for theft and attempted theft of trade secrets. Alleging Levandowski took confidential information from Google’s self-driving car project to Uber. Levandowski worked at Google’s self-driving car project prior to its […]


BBC Plans ‘Beeb’ A Voice Assistant For BBC Services That Understands British Accents

According to reporting by the Guardian the BBC is planning to introduce its own voice assistant to compete with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. They key competitive advantage of the BBC voice assistant; the voice will be trained to understand British accents. On British comedy TV it’s become common to depict sketches where AI voice assistants […]


Toyota Is Partnering With Chinese Autonomous Vehicle Startup Pony.AI

Chinese self-driving car startup announced they will team up with Toyota, to explore “safe” mobility services including fully autonomous vehicles. The companies say they will work jointly on a pilot program using Toyota’s Lexus RX line and’s self-driving technology on public roads in Beijing and Shanghai in September. The goal is to “accelerate […]